Can you use a heated eyelash curler without mascara?

“If you use the curler with no mascara, you’ll appear more fresh and awake— only add mascara if you want to bring the drama and add depth to your eye,” says Natalia. Or, if you don’t want the added va-va-voom of mascara but are worried your lashes won’t hold their curl, give them a coat of clear mascara.

Do heated eyelash curlers work without mascara?

The higher temperature helps lock eyelashes in place, similar to how a curling iron works on your hair. However, a heated eyelash curler lets you streamline the process into one simple step. … (Though there are many heated eyelash curlers that work safely without mascara, too.)

How can I curl my eyelashes without mascara?

While you’re moving across lashes in a zigzag motion, curl in at the tips and count to ten, holding them in place. Warm hands. Just a small amount of gentle pressure and warmth will also curl your lashes. Use your breath to heat fingertips and then press on lashes, curling them into themselves.

Are heated eyelash curlers bad for your lashes?

Heat isn’t your body’s friend (at least when it comes to beauty). It can dry your skin out, make your hair feel like hay and yes, harm your lashes. If you’re using heated eyelash curlers or your blow dryer to warm it up before using, stop now. Intense heat can break down those lash hairs and weaken their foundation.

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Is it bad to curl your eyelashes everyday without mascara?

You’re worried that using your eyelash curler every day will cause your eyelashes to fall out. As long as you’re using a clean curler and curling instead of crimping, experts say it’s totally safe to use your eyelash curler every single day.

Do you use a heated eyelash curler before or after mascara?

For best results, Chella recommends using the curler after mascara application. Then, once the curler heats up, place the comb side onto the base of your lashes and roll it up, like you’re ironing your eyelashes against your eyelid.

Does vaseline make your eyelashes curl?

It’s best to apply some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly before you curl your lashes. This is because, Vaseline will moisturise your lashes as well as remove any debris/leftover makeup that often gets stuck in your lashes leading to bacteria build-up. Massage your lashes gently with Vaseline and then go for the curler.