Does fairy hair damage hair?

Yes! Our Fairy Hair can withstand up to 450 degrees of heat without causing any damage to your hair.

Is fairy hair bad for your hair?

Fairy Hair is beautiful shiny or sparkly colored temporary hair which comes from the Fairies. It is not tinsel and will not harm your hair. It is similar to extensions.

Does hair tinsel damage hair?

Properly installed tinsel will not damage your hair. Unique Love Hair Tinsel can be styled using heat up to 300 degrees you can wash, brush, blow-dry, straighten, and curl your hair with the hair tinsel still applied.

How long should fairy hair last?

Q: How long does it last? Faery Hair will last as long as the hair it is applied to stays with you – this could be an hour, a day, a month, or a year, it’s up to the hair faeries to decide. Generally, 3-4 weeks is average, 1-2 weeks is more common for children under 5.

Does fairy hair have metal in it?

While there is no metal in our product, it is reflective and we encourage you to eliminate any possibility of interfering with your data.

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How long do hair sparkles last?

– Properly installed, Hair Tinsel can last 4-8 weeks or longer and will withstand everyday washing and styling. Everyone normally sheds approximately 50-100 strands per day, so the Hair Tinsel will fall when the hair it is tied to falls out naturally. How do I prepare my hair before fairy hair installation?

How long does tinsel hair last?

Q: How long does hair tinsel stay in for? With normal wear and tear, hair tinsel will usually stay in your hair between 1-2 weeks. There are many factors which can allow tinsel to stay in longer or come out quicker. Be sure to use care when brushing and washing your hair not to tug on the tinsel.

Can you wash fairy hair?

Can you wash fairy hair? YES! Not only can you wash your hair, but you can blow dry it, style it any way you like.

How do you get hair tinsel to stay in your hair?

To keep the tinsel secure in your hair, find both of the ends. Overlap the ends and bring 1 end through the loop you made. Then, pull the ends in opposite directions to secure the knot near the base of your scalp. The knot keeps the tinsel in your hair for about 3 weeks.

Can you put tinsel in curly hair?

– Properly installed, Hair Tinsel can last 4-8 weeks or longer and will withstand everyday washing and styling. … -With a little bit of work it will take the shape of your hair. Take an extra few minutes to twist the strands into your curls to help it take shape.

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How do you take care of fairy hair?

Pretty Pretty Pixie | About Fairy Hair. Can be treated just like natural hair: cut, curl, flat-iron, wash, dry, and color. Lasts days to months! Each strand is tied to one piece of natural hair so it lasts as long as that hair stays attached.

What is fairy hair made of?

What is Fairy Hair? Fairy Hair Shimmers are thin strands made from 100% silk, with no chemical treatments. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-plastic, these natural fibers break down once they has fulfilled their lifespan, so you can do up your ‘do guilt free!

How long does it take to get fairy hair?

With hair that is brushed of loose or weak strands and tangles, clean if possible, DRY, and WITHOUT hairspray or product is best for your Fairy to work her magic. How long does it take to apply the Fairy Hair? About 10-15 minutes, but can vary based on the number of strands you purchase.