How do you maintain wavy hair extensions?

How do you take care of wavy hair extensions?

How to Properly Care for your Curly and Wavy Extensions

  1. Showering. Try to shampoo only once or twice a week, and in between shampoos, use a heavy-duty, moisturizing conditioner. …
  2. Silicones. Using products with silicones can cause build up and weigh down your hair. …
  3. Sulfates. …
  4. Styling.

Can you have wavy hair extensions?

The beauty of pre-styled curly or wavy hair extensions is they do not need styling, if you like to change up your look and style your hair often you are better to go for a straight set.

Can you brush curly hair extensions?

Curly weaves require some maintenance and care in order to get the best condition. … Using a wide tooth or a detangling brush, gently comb out your hair extensions. Always comb or brush hair from the bottom up, small sections at a time. The more careful you treat your extensions the longer they will last.

Can you scrunch extensions?

Scrunching is a quick and easy way to make wavy all natural strands on your head and any Human Hair Extensions Online that have been installed among them.

What are permanent hair extensions?

Permanent hair extensions are extensions that are meant to stay in the hair for an extended period of time and in most instances are installed and removed by a salon professional.

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What is wavy hair extensions?

Wavy Nanolink Extensions. Wavy hair is a thicker texture compared to straight hair. Wavy texture falls somewhere in between straight and curly. The strands are curved in an “S” shape. Our wavy extensions are not considered “curly” and are not recommended for anyone with spiral or coiled curls.

How do you activate wet and wavy hair?

How to Activate Your Wet & Wavy Weave

  1. Use a soft paddle brush to brush out any tangles.
  2. Taking one section of hair at a time, spray a mixture of water and conditioner onto the hair (mostly water with a dash of conditioner).
  3. After spraying each section, scrunch the hair to activate the curls.

How do you keep extensions silky?


  1. Tips for washing your hair extensions. …
  2. Use a Low heat setting and a Heat Protection Spray. …
  3. Use the correct brush and brushing technique on your hair extensions. …
  4. Avoid blowdrying your hair extensions. …
  5. Don’t leave your extensions in direct sunlight.

How do you keep extensions smooth?

How to Maintain Smooth Tape In Hair Extensions:

  1. Maintain your tape in hair extensions regularly. …
  2. Avoid reheat styling your tape in hair extensions over and over. …
  3. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. …
  4. Avoid going to bed with wet or damp hair.