How long does donor area take to heal after hair transplant?

With the FUE method, there are no stitches; however, the donor area is shaved down to the skin, which shows the surgical sites from this technique. These tiny holes heal within about five days and appear as pink dots. After approximately two weeks, these marks become hidden as the remaining donor hair grows among them.

How can I recover my donor area after hair transplant?

Soak 2-3 pieces of gauze with saline and apply gently to the transplanted area for 30 to 60 minutes twice a day. It keeps the transplant area moist and speeds up the healing process. Apply the prescribed ointment several times a day to the recipient site (back) to prevent it from drying out.

How long does it take for donor area to grow back?

It might take 10 to 15 days for the donor area to heal. Next, a bandage is placed after surgery to the donor area. Once the dressing(bandage) is removed, you will observe small spots on your skin.

Is donor area grow back?

So, does donor hair grow back? Yes, it can. A few factors come into play to determine if hair grows back, and how long it takes normal hair growth to resume from the donor area. The type of extraction, whether it’s FUE or FUT, has an effect as well as how you take care of your donor area post-hair transplant surgery.

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How long does donor area pain last?

The tightness will be present both in the transplanted area as well as in the area where the donor grafts were taken. This tightness will gradually improve over several weeks. A bulky cotton compression dressing will cover your scalp for 2 to 3 days after your surgery.

Does donor area look thin after hair transplant?

Because the hairs are individual structures; some of them lose their contact with the follicles totally and fall out first, some may retain some thin connections and may fall later, thus, if the transplant area ever appears patchy later, do not be alarmed.

Can I sleep on my donor area after hair transplant?

Try to keep your recipient area away from the pillow so that there is no direct contact between your transplanted hair and the pillowcase. Another option is to keep your head above heart level while sleeping.

How many days after hair transplant are grafts secure?

Usually, the healing process or the time for the transplanted grafts to settle is around 8-10 days. You need to be very cautious for the first two weeks after hair transplantation. This is because grafts are not fixated immediately after transplantation.

How many hairs are in the donor area?

Number of donor hair needed for hair transplant graft surgery varies as per the density of your Occiput – the back area of your head where hairs are not “genetically programmed to fall out or die.” On an average, density in the donor area (back region of scalp) is 60-120 follicular units per square centimeter or 120- …

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How many grafts survive after transplant?

Answer: Hair Graft Survival after Hair Transplant

In general grafts removed by FUE will have a survival rate of 90% when done by an experienced surgeon and surgical team. FUT survival is closer to 99% when done by an experienced surgeon and surgical team.

When can I shave donor area?

We generally allow our patients to shave their hair 7-10 days out from their procedure in the areas where hair has not been transplanted (i.e. donor area).