What do the letters mean for lash extensions?

The letters indicate how straight or curled you want the lash to be. C are more of a natural curl upward (sweeping) the D curls tight and back toward the skin and the L is one that goes out straight and then lifts up abruptly.

Whats the difference between C and D lashes?

C curl: The most commonly used curl, it creates attractive lashes as if they were curled with an eyelash curler. CC curl: The perfect in between curl, it gives you the perfect curl between C and D curls. D curl: Creates doll-like lashes for a more dramatic look. D curl can create lift in places that are needed.

What does C mean lash extensions?

C curl lashes

C curl is one of the most popular curls worldwide. C curl lashes are intended for clients with a slight curl in their natural lash and will create an open eye effect.

What do eyelash numbers mean?

The numbers are styles ( fuller, glamour, natural, etc ) you would have to look online and compare the styles to find your taste. Demi lashes are not as wide, if you will. They don’t need to be cut side-to-side to fit a smaller eye for example. They are not shorter lengthwise – they are flirty and more natural. …

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How do you know what size lashes to get?

Typically Lash Lengths fall within the ranges of : Short, Medium, Long, and Very Long.

  1. Shorter than 8 – 9 : Short (Very Natural, typically for inner corner lengths)
  2. 10 – 12 : Medium (Natural Mascara Look)
  3. 13 – 14 : Long (Long for a little extra oomph!)
  4. 15 and Above : Very Long (Dramatic Glamazon)

What is the most popular lash extension size?

Most salons would usually stock 8mm – 14mm in their inventory; 9mm – 12mm are the most popular sizes. Longer is not always better, using lashes 14mm or longer are not always ideal unless you already have strong, long natural lashes to begin with. Fuller looks can be achieved by applying more lashes.

What does D curl mean?

D Curl Lashes

They really define and open up the eyes, thanks to their deep, upward-sloping curl. Compared to a D curl, even your favorite eyelash curler will feel like it’s leaving your lashes totally straight! … Ideal for: naturally downward-pointing lashes, and opening up downturned eyes.

What is B curl lashes?

B Curl eyelashes bare the appearance of a naturally curled lash with a straight base but have a natural lift at the tip of the lash. The B curl lashes are the second most natural eyelash extension curl available on the market and can give considerable length and volume to your client.

Which is better c curl or D curl?

C curl is the common curl that matches most people natural lash curl. D curl is the most dramatic and lifted, it will be the most visible from the front, it is also the most popular.

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Is C curl or D curl more popular?

C-Curl: C-curl is the most popular curl. It is commonly used because it can create an open eye effect without appearing too drastic. D-Curl: D-curl is gaining popularity as the trend is to have more lift and visible lash lines.

What does 0.07 mean in lashes?

1 of 0.10mm = 2D fan of 0.07mm = 4D fan of 0.05mm = 10D fan of 0.03mm.

How many lashes are in a full set of extensions?

Lash extensions are adhered to individual lashes, so a “full set” really differs from person to person. On average, people can have anywhere between 90 to 150 lashes per eye on the upper lid and between 70 and 80 smaller lashes on the lower lash line.

What are 18mm lashes?

18mm lashes are a type of mink lashes that are longer and more dramatic in volume but not by much. Your average lashes length is 10-12mm. 18mm mink eyelashes can be worn for any occasion and look great when paired with other makeup.

What is a DD curl lash?

The Lash Professional’s DD Curl volume lashes were created for the client who wants a fluffy set of lash extensions. You may think volume means dramatic. … Our DD Curl volume lashes allow clients to have that full look, but also soft and natural. Your clients can have it all!

What type of eyelash extensions are best?

What Are the Best Types of Eyelash Extensions?

  • Faux mink. For users who prefer 100% cruelty free lashes but really love the look and feel of mink, there are faux mink lash fibers available. …
  • Silk lash extensions. Silk lash extensions are a midweight lash fiber that is generally well-loved by users.
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What length should false eyelashes be?

To get the right fit, hold the lash strip against your upper lashline. It should start about a quarter-inch in from the inner corner of your eye, but not any wider. (If you go wider, your eyes will look like they’re droopy.) Snip any excess off the outer corner with small scissors.