Can I bleach my hair again after a month?

Repeated bleaching is not recommended since you’re putting yourself at risk of overprocessing and breakage. If you do bleach again, make sure to wait 3 weeks to give your hair cuticle enough time to heal, close and lay flat again.

Is it bad to bleach your hair twice in a month?

Wait for at least a week or two before bleaching your hair again. How many times can you bleach your hair? You can bleach your hair twice a month or about 6- 8 times a year.

Can I bleach my hair every two months?

It’s not safe. Under that color is the integrity of bleached hair. If you do it again you are basically overlapping the bleach, which is a big no-no! Your hair will suffer damage and may break.

Can I bleach my hair again after 6 months?

Though from the sounds of it, you should be safe to bleach if you have to. However, since it has already been bleached, you might only need a 20 vol max. Depends on what color you are trying to achieve next. After six months, would agree can perform a bleach treatment on it.

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Can I bleach my hair again after 4 months?

If you want to bleach your hair roots, you’re going to have to wait for your hair to grow out before you can bleach it again. … If you want to bleach all of your hair (not just the roots), limit bleaching sessions to no more than twice a month, and no more than 8 sessions in 12 months.

Can I bleach again after 2 months?

Repeated bleaching is not recommended since you’re putting yourself at risk of overprocessing and breakage. … If you want to achieve a platinum blonde from dark hair, you will most likely need to get to a mid-toned orange color first, then condition and care for your hair before you bleach it again.

Can I bleach my hair after 8 weeks?

Try to wait for 8 to 10 weeks between regular touch-ups to prevent hair damage. If you must repair a botched bleach job, many colorists recommend waiting at least two weeks.

How do you know if you can bleach your hair again?

Try doing a small test strand in a foil somewhere toward the back of your head. If its been bleached before, do NOT bleach again. You can also try getting your hair wet and pulling the ends as if you’re trying to rip your hair. If it stretches much, it is too damaged.

Can I re bleach my hair after 5 months?

yes, though it’s probably best to bleach/dye only the new growth and blend it with the rest of your hair. You don’t want to completely bleach your bleached hair because it will fry it and it will start to break off.

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Can I bleach my hair after 10 months?

To ensure your hair isn’t damaged by the bleaching process, you’ll need to start preparing your hair months in advance. Because bleach works best on virgin, or unprocessed, hair, experts recommend not processing your hair for at least three months before bleaching it.

How long should I wait until I bleach my hair again?

Even if you determine your hair did not suffer any severe damage throughout the bleaching process, it’s often best to wait at least one day between bleach treatments.

Can I color my hair after 5 months?

Your hair shaft is delicate, and should only be dyed once a month or so. Any sooner than that and it will be prone to breaking, splitting, tangles and straw-like texture. Deep conditioning treatments used in conjunction with any color service are always recommended.